5.3 Dry with variable cloud

 At 10:40 on Monday 05 December 2022

Mainly fine/partly cloudy with little temp change.    

partly cloudy - showers in the vicinity

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About North York Moors weather

Data is collected by a Davis Vantage Pro 2
The station is located at about 180 metres above sea level
Westerdale village,  in North Yorkshire - a County in the North East of England.

Data is logged every 2.5 seconds and transferred to a computer running  Weather-Display software
The information is then uploaded to
www.weather.westerdale.info mostly at 5 minute intervals.
You can view almost live data from the station on the RapidFire Wunderground page.

The pages should auto refresh every minute in most browsers,
or F5 + CTRL will retrieve the latest available data
Additional  information may be available on request, contact

Daily reset is at midnight.
Monthly rain records go back to August 2006,
and daily records from automated weather stations began in March 2009.
Initially the station was a Nexus - this proved insufficiently robust
 and was replaced in March 2010 by a Davis Vantage Vue.
In June 2012 a Davis VP2 was set up, but the Vue is kept as back-up.

Current status of weather station sensors:
Temperature and Humidity - OK
Wind Direction and Speed - OK
Rainfall - OK

Snow and ice will affect precipitation recording to varying degrees, and may stop wind readings
Snow will not tip the rain gauge until it melts, and will often blow out of the gauge!
 Snow depth readings are updated manually usually once or twice daily.

The anemometer is mounted on a metal pole at a height of approximately 6 metres.
The temperature and rainfall are measured at about 3 metres above ground level.

The computer is a dedicated Windows 7 Samsung NC10 netbook, which runs continuously.
With monitor turned off, the power consumption is well under 10 watts.

The site Blog is occasionally updated with snippets of News and Pictures



Archive data by month


Information on these pages is a guide to local weather conditions, but should not be relied on for important decision making
The North York Moors are an exposed upland area which can become a hostile environment in any season
Always be prepared for sudden changes in the weather

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